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Tuesday, 17 May 2011 05:34

The reality of the term Al-Hakimiyah and how it concerns all of us. By the mujaddid of our time Immam Muhammad Nasir-Deen Al-Albani

Bismillahi ur-Hamman Ar-Raheem


Q. Shaykana we know that the scholars of the Salaf  classified Tawhid into three categorize, with this being known is it possible to say that there is a fourth category of Tawhid called Tawhid al-Hakimiyah or Tawhid al Hokum?


A. It is not permissible (Abshir) good news but our answer/refutation is not to be done in just this manner, (meaning it is not as simple as that)See, Alhakimyah is branch of the branches of Al-Uloohiyah.Those that revolve around, and focus on this terminology in this day of ours, they use it not as a tool to teach the Muslimeen Tawhid that the prophets and messengers all came with, rather they use it as political weaponry. And in order to prove to you what I just said, (and I have given the answer to this question many times) I can repeat to you my previous answer concerning this specific question. So if you wish (and this is between me and you) I will go further (meaning I will delve further into the topic if you wish), and If you don’t we can go to the next question. The questioner replied rather if you wish our Shaykh, the Shaykh said but I do not want to force anyone to listen to this if they don’t want to, so it is up to you, do you want to hear the answer? Yes.I answered this question in a similar sitting from before, as a support to what I just stated (of it not being permissible) that using the word al-Ilahhyah (should be Hakimiyah) is in essence a propaganda tool used to support a political agenda, that some of the ahzab (partisan based groups) are promoting today. And I recall here a story concerning this topic, a story that happened between me and a kateeb in Damascus. He gave a khutbah on the day of Jummah and his kuthbah from the beginning to the end was about Alhakimiyah / rulership being for Allah alone. Now this human being made a mistake in an issue of Fiqh, so after Sallat al Jummah. I walked toward him gave my Sallam and introduced myself then I explained to him I noticed a mistake you made concerning a certain Fiqh issue. I said to him O’ Brother you said such and such but it is in opposition to what the Sunnah has legislated. He replied well I am Hanafi and what I stated is what is in the Hanafi Madthab. So I said Subbhan Allah! You gave a whole Kutbah of al-Hakimiyah being for Allah alone then you say this. You people use this term against the rulers that you deem to be Kuffar because they don’t rule by the Islamic Shareeah. Yet have you forgotten yourselves! This Hakimiyah encompasses all the Muslims, so why is it I tell you the prophet ordered such and such, but you reply with my Madthah states otherwise. You have (just contradicted your self and) opposed what you call the people to! If it was not for the fact, that they (alahzzab- partisan based groups) used this term as a slogan to support their political agendas we would merely look upon it and say “this is our merchandise returning to us”. The Dawa we call the people to embrace encompasses al-Hakimiyah and other than it. Tawhid Al-Uloohiyah and Tawhid al-Ibaddah (worship) encompasses that particular issue you are concerned with. Rather we are the people that have spread what you use when you are speaking about al-Hakikmiyah. As is narrated in the Hadith of Hudthyfa ibn-Alyamann, {The prophet peace be upon him recited upon the honorable Sahabah the ayah “And they took their priests and monks as lords besides Allah” Addy Ibn-Hatim al-Tahiy upon hearing this said By Allah O’ Messenger of Allah we did not take them as lords besides Allah. The Prophet peace be upon him said: is not that when they made for you something that was permissible, impermissible you followed and made it impermissible, likewise when they made for you something that was impermissible, permissible did you not follow suite and make it permissible. Hatim replied as for this, then yes this happened. The prophet replied this is you taking them as lords besides Allah.} We are the ones that spread this Hadith till it reached the rest of the people. Then they continued on to modify a portion of Tawhid Uloohiyah and al-Ibadah using this newly invented term as their guideline, and they do so only for political reasons. I don’t see anything wrong with this terminology in itself, if it was not for them using it as a slogan for their political agendas while they do not act upon what it embodies. Rather it is as I stated before a portion of Tawhid al-Ibadah, but you see them worshiping Allah in anyway they please and the rest as I illustrated before in the story of the khateeb of Damascus. When told to him this is the Sunnah of the prophet peace be upon him he answered back “My Madthah is this”. Alhakimyah being for Allah, is not just to be assumed upon the Kuffar and Mushrikin, rather also upon the worshipers of Allah that worship Allah in way that Allah has not legislated in has book nor his Prophet peace be upon him in his Sunnah. This is what I recall of an answer concerning this question at this time.