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Whoever imitates a people, he is from them PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 17 May 2011 05:10

But as I was entering, another thought came upon me. I have decided to speak on a topic because this is an opportunity that I find. It is concerning a brother of ours that we did not know before; rather he is a brother from the brothers that we did not see. He came and visited us a few days ago and he is here visiting once again tonight. That is that this brother had visited us and sat in some of our sittings. He saw the interaction between me and our brothers. He looked at me as their Sheikh and them as the students. As he saw this interaction between us, he criticized it, which lead me to have to explain to him that you will not find us like the Sheikh with his followers. The brother went on to say that I just do not find the interaction from the students with you similar to the other Shyookh and their students.



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