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Monday, 16 May 2011 22:51

5 Part Series on the subject of the beard. This lecture is in the form of a debate between the teacher and his student.

"...How do we know how the Salaf were? Were they people, that let their beards grow very long, no matter how long it got, even if it were to drag on the floor. Look, we have seen pictures that the beard is longer than its companion. Have you seen this picture? This is from the magnificent creation of Allaah. I’m telling you, the beard is longer than its companion. Why because, the length of the head is how much? 20-25 cm. He was dragging his beard tens of cm on the floor. So his beard was taller than him.


Of course, this person was not a Muslim, but he did this so that he could make money from it. This was put in some magazine or show that was called “the strange creatures” that was produced by some of the Europeans. The westerners, as it is said “know how to eat the shoulder” meaning they know how to accumulate money. They will bring a very strange creature whether it’s a human being or animal, they’ll bring a midget and they will show him to the people. They’ll put him in a cage and open up a way for the people to come and see this creation of Allaah. Then they will charge a certain fare to pay, a dinaar or dirham or whatever it may be. So this is one of them, and he is a man that let his beard grow until it out grew him..."




Contents of Tape:

- Proper length of the Beard
- Taking one handful from the Beard
- The actions of the Sahaba explain the narrations of the Messenger peace be upon Him
- The Salafi knowledge based methodology of deducing verdicts and making arguments
- The manner of the student with his teacher and teacher with his student 
- Etiquette of Debat


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